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Cali is the salsa capital of south america and Colombia´s third largest city. The city has a modern and tranquil atmosphere and a tropical climate, with average temperatures between 24 and 30 degrees. In the evening a breeze cools down the daytime heat.

One of Cali´s main attractions is its vibrant nightlive, which centres around Avenida 6ta and the salsathecas of Menga. During the day you can visit the zoo, various museums, hike up to "Las Tres Cruzes" or go for a walk trough San Antonio the colonial neighbourhood with its bohemian atmosphere and park.

You can also visit Cali with guides from Colombia Walking Tours


At the end of the year the Feria de Cali is held with a carnaval, concerts and salsa shows.


Iguana hostel staff

Iguana hostel staff





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